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Andy and Karen from KTG cars

People behind KTG Cars

Andy has been in the motor trade in various guises since 1985, having completed an apprenticeship as a plumber, he realised that his heart lay with cars.

He bought his first few cars during his plumbing apprenticeship and always seemed to spend a lot of money on them only to lose a lot when he sold them; it then became a challenge to learn how they worked and what differentiated a nice car from a money pit! He spent many hours stripping engines to pieces then putting them back together, tuning them to get the best out of them and learning how to valet a car properly – he had turned his hobby and passion into a way to earn a little extra cash to supplement his meagre earnings as an apprentice.

Later, Andy worked for motorist discount centres being promoted to shop manager and gaining the company record for fastest promotion for RC Hartley (South) Ltd – (the holding company). Then as a salesman for a Ford Motor Company dealership in Staines, Middlesex, quickly becoming their number one salesman. He moved on to various other dealerships, soaking up knowledge along the way of different brands and types of vehicle, always rapidly becoming their top salesman.

Eventually, Andy and a business partner (also his best friend) set up their own very successful company which sadly closed after his partner was involved in a serious accident which meant he could no longer work. Andy then had a period back at a privately owned prestige and 4x4 specialist dealers where once again he became top salesman within the first month, after a while however, the wish to be his own boss again encouraged him to start KTG Cars with Karen, initially as a retailer of select cars and then in 2007, realising there was a gap in the market, set up the internet car buying side with the aim of providing a personal, friendly, professional and bespoke car buying service to the public. Why KTG Cars as the name for the newly formed company?

KTG are simply Karen's initials – why make it any more complicated!

Karen began her working life as an apprentice chef and worked within the catering industry for over 20 years, progressing from commis chef to pastry chef to head chef and then into management within various sectors. In 2001, she started working part-time as a catering manager while her two daughters were very young. To supplement her income, she started to learn about the motor industry and began retailing cars with Andy, valeting them and preparing them for sale, dealing with enquiries, making appointments and dealing with customer's viewings and sales. She also dealt with book-keeping, warranties and after sales. In 2007, she helped Andy set up the internet car buying side of KTG Cars and has been involved in every aspect from writing the websites content, assisting their customers through all aspects of their sale from answering calls and emails to collection and assistance with documentation, dealing with and driving all manner of vehicles!

Karen and Andy continue to develop and improve KTG Cars and consistently exceed their customer's expectations.

Their aim is to dispel the notion that all car dealers are unscrupulous,
and they provide the service that you always hope to receive but rarely do!

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